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I found this amazing project on Pinterest, but it’s actually the brainchild of DecorChick, who writes a great tutorial that you can check out here.

Don’t you love it? It’s like a wreath wrapped in a sweater, and sweaters are so my thing. I am freakishly excited about the holidays, as usual and couldn’t wait to get some new fall decorations up and ready for October. I already got Ben a costume for Halloween! Here’s hoping my guess on fit was correct. So far, I’m thinking it is. So I ran out and got all my materials, including a $1 glue gun and some sticks. I tore apart a sale bouquet of fake flowers so I could use the blooms I wanted.

Like she did, I marked out the stripes with a sharpie, and got started wrapping. Then I got distracted, wrapped it all up in a shopping bag and put it on top of the fridge for a month! Ya know, stuff happens. But just a couple days ago I whipped it out during Ben’s morning nap. It was a little tedious doing the wrapping, but actually not that bad. A little Pandora action and the time flew by. I got the whole thing done in an hour and a half!

At the end of each stripe, I dotted two drops of hot glue on the back and extended the end of the yarn out a ways. Then, I did the same with the new yarn. This way, both ends are tucked under and won’t come unravelled. I was a bit paranoid about that in the beginning.

Can anyone tell I’m having a little love affair with orange? No? Well, this was our first date. It went well. I definitely want more. Back to wrapping,  more wrapping…

I started using this fork to press the yarn into the glue after I sacrificed a fingertip. Youch.

Then I got some string, tied a knot and since the string seemed slippy, I doused it in extra hot glue before I stuck it to the yarn. Then I glued down the ends for good measure.

Then I started gluing down the flowers, stem by stem. It’s the “take no prisoners” form of flower arranging, but thankfully it worked out fine.

Here it is, finished and up on the door! I love it so much I try not to let it distract me when I’m pulling into the garage. It’s pretty much the only time I get to feast my eyes on it.

Are you doing any projects to get ready for fall? Prepping your house for the weather, or going to pumpkin patches?







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